Learn the most important regulations regarding the AEOI (Automatic Exchange of Information). The training focuses on the impact of the law on adv..

CHF 450,00

Anti Money Laundering

The training covers the basics of combating money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as the global standards and measures for complying ..

CHF 450,00

CDB 20

Training on the CDB 20 code of conduct in the area of the fight against money laundering. You will learn the CDB 20 rules in various situations u..

CHF 450,00

Code of Business Conduct

The Code of Conduct provides you with guidance and helps you to avoid undesirable actions. The training conveys responsible, ethically correct an..

CHF 290,00

Contact Notes

Contact notes are the written documentation of every contact between you and customers or prospects. Learn what regulators and supervisors expect..

CHF 290,00

Cyber Security

In this training, you will acquire the necessary knowledge as well as the right behavior and attitude on the subject of cyber security. This will..

CHF 290,00


Training on the European General Data Protection Regulation. The handling of personal data in companies is subject to strict legal regulations. T..

CHF 290,00

Everything you need to know before selling your company

Everything you need to know before selling your companyLanguage: EnglishDuration: approx. 40 minutesValidity: 90 days from purchase..

CHF 89,00


Learn the important FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) regulations and how to apply them through practical examples. The training focuses..

CHF 450,00


Learn the rules of conduct for the FinSA (Financial Services Act). You will go through different situations and learn the new rules of FinSA with..

CHF 450,00

Fraud Prevention

The prevention of fraud is a challenge for many companies. This awareness training supports you in the early detection of possible fraud cases an..

CHF 290,00

Market Conduct Rules

Market abuse can be sanctioned under both criminal and supervisory law. FINMA has regulated the statutory prohibitions on market conduct, its com..

CHF 450,00

MiFID II Directive

In this training you will learn the most important rules for investor protection of MiFID II. The training focuses on the most important best pra..

CHF 290,00

Sanctions Violations

Violations of sanctions may not only lead to financial losses, but may also result in the risk of a criminal conviction. You as the responsible p..

CHF 290,00

Swiss Data Protection Act

Data protection concerns us all. On the one hand, we must know how to protect the security of personnel data, and on the other, that of the compa..

CHF 290,00

Working from Home

There are all kinds of opinions out there around the home office. We've heard everything from claims of super productivity to hours wasted throug..

CHF 0,00

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